2016 – a year of change at Brompton Food Market

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It could be said that starting a small business is like raising a child, they both develop over time, there are successes and setbacks, and you never can tell how they will turn out. If this is the case, then for us at Brompton Food Market, it feels as though our parenting has been garnering positive results.

We have continued our movement from delicatessen to cafe, expanding our menu to offer a wider range of delicious options, while still maintaining a wide array of fresh groceries and other goodies. Our cheese and charcuterie proves as popular as always, both on our sharing boards or over the counter, with the introduction of our new cheese and charcuterie platters going down a storm. We have baked more than three thousand sausage rolls, poured over eight thousand fresh juices and blended roughly twenty four thousand cups of coffee.

Our brunch has become a bit of a local fixture, seeing our hungry folk flocking to our garden even into the depth of winter to try our delicious pancakes or full Brompton breakfast. Thanks to the baking brilliance of our general manager, our cake selection has gone from strength to strength, adding new and delicious varieties designed to undermine any diet plan.

As must happen from time to time, we said farewell to some of our wonderful staff who have moved on to pastures new… Stan, our own personal man of mystery and dab hand with a hot pan, left us to focus on his studies. Alastair, our charcuterie expert and aspiring butcher, moved away to focus on his meats. And our supervisor Sara returned to sunny Italy.

However as one door closes another one opens and we have gained some marvellous new additions to our little team. In April Will joined the team as a new sales assistant, but through charm, perseverance and a talent for blackmail became our new supervisor in November. His background in journalism has proved most useful in creating new promotions for our products, and writing this excellent blog. Later that same month we gained Katy, a talented cake creator, who joined us as a sales assistant in between her studies and got roped into staying.

In April we also celebrated our two year anniversary, to think how much the shop has evolved since then is quite staggering.

Sou joined us in May as our new assistant manager, bringing passion, flair and a certain je ne sais quoi to our establishment. Her infectious personality and flawless French have made her a firm favourite with many of our customers.

In September we were extremely saddened to say goodbye to Luke Mackay, one of the founding partners of Brompton Food Market, following the birth of his daughter Sula. Luke’s moved on to pursue other food interests and spend more time with his family but leaves a gaping hole in Brompton Food Market’s line up. Put simply, we wouldn’t be where we are without him. We owe him a lot. In his stead we gained a young gentleman from across the States named Sam, fleeing some unknown political turmoil he has made himself an excellent, if sassy, part of our team.

October was a time of major change of renovation. Following months of nudging from our design team, Rosie and Nicky, the saws came out and after a day of extremely intensive labour we found ourselves with some snazzy new tables and a couple of coffee bars.

As Christmas time came around our shop was packed full of panettone and smells of of cinnamon and clove as we got into seasonal swing, mulling wine and making merry. Our very own master baker and mince pie maker was dragged in at four in the morning to slave away handcrafting hundreds of delicious pies, and we sent our little elves out into the cold with samples of our seasonal specials to tempt passers by.

As the year drew to a close, despite ups and downs across the planet, we at Brompton had a busy, exciting and productive year to look back on. Ever since opening, Brompton has been constantly evolving, the shop that was there last January is very different from the one that is here today. However at our core we remain what we set out to be – a calm, cosy corner of South Kensington where you can find great coffee, friendly service and fantastic food.

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