The Best Mince Pies in London

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We’ve been having a bit of fun playing around with our mince pie recipes over the past month or so and we’ve settled on two: a traditional version and an old fashioned version made with rare breed mutton and London Porter. We like them, but don’t just take our word for it…

    The Brompton Traditional
Made in the shop using top quality raisins, sultanas and currants, figs soaked in brandy, apricots soaked in Amaretto, beef suet, almonds, pecans and a liberal amount of spice and brandy.


The Mutton & Porter
The same base as The Traditional but with 50% rare breed mutton mince, a little ras el hanout and a few pine nuts. All slow cooked for 6 hours with London Porter.

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“Two ace mince pies created by Luke Mackay at Brompton Food Market, one made with rare breed mutton and London porter vindicating historical mincemeat.”

Five things Fay Maschler at this week in London, Evening Standard

“One of the best mince pies I’ve ever tried…phenomenal.”
Felicity Spector, Deputy Programme Editor, Channel 4 News

“The best I’ve ever tasted.”
Richard Vines, Bloomberg Head Food Critic

“The traditional ones were very, very good, but it was the rare breed mutton and London porter mince pies that were good enough to completely convert one of us who’s usually not a big fan of these Christmas treats.”

“The mince pies were absolutely superb – best I’ve ever tasted and I don’t say that lightly.”
Sudi Pigott, freelance food journalist

Mince pies are £1.95 each or £7.50 for four. Come to the shop and ask for a taste.

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  • […] [Brompton Food Market]Brompton Food Market is a food shop in the heart of South Kensington, and harks back to a bygone age when customers had time to browse, to handle the produce and interact with the shopkeeper. Owned and run by David Turcan and Luke Mackay with over 120 suppliers, from tiny cottage industries making gourmet marshmallows to Edinburgh’s finest haggis maker, it’s unsurprising that the mince pies on sale at this beautiful shop are some of the best in the city! Giant, with huge pieces of spiced fruit, perfect, thick, buttery pastry (with a thin lid), and a heavy dusting of icing sugar. And boozey. Oh so boozey (thanks to the plentiful addition of brandy and amaretto). […]

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