Six months in…

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Brompton Food Market.

Six months in.

The first thing that we put through the till on the first morning that we threw open our doors was an oat bar. Our first ‘paying’ customer of said oat bar thoroughly enjoyed it, got most of it down his front, ground the rest into our pristine floor and then needed his nappy changed by his Dad, me. That was six months ago and these are the things that we have learnt:

  • People want Coke. Not organic ginger and turmeric wine with essence of nettle.
  • Quinoa pasta is a thing. A popular thing apparently.
  • Coconut oil is not just for lathering up my six pack in The Maldives.
  • People don’t like gluten very much.
  • Or milk from a cow.
  • Milk from a cashew or an almond is very popular despite their glaring lack of nipples.
  • Don’t get your bread delivery left near your vegetable fogger.
  • Five pound notes are like rare breed hen’s teeth.
  • South Kensington dogs have buttered croissants for breakfast.
  • Bin bags are expensive
  • Our staff loo is now, not one.
  • It is entirely possible to make a £600 leg of Iberico ham look like a Labrador’s chew toy without the requisite carving practice.

And that’s about it. You can now open your own food shop.

Best of British.

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